Each square foot around the globe is different. The landscape, the people, the customs, the color of the light, the food, all are simultaneously common and beyond imagining. Travel pulls our skin as we bulge from newness; it compels us to look, it beats us about the head. Our eyes are exchanged for a new pair that see differently.

I travel because it is there.

The final baby was the one who got me

The final baby was the one who got me. Barely three and a half feet tall, the smallest and struggling to keep up, he intermittently trudged and trotted mightily at the end of the line. It was late afternoon and they were coming in for the evening. Some plodded slowly, ears hanging. Hungry and tired […]

In Memoriam: Lhotse of the Big Heart

Today is Lhotse’s last day in her golden, slightly goofy bear-dog skin. I lay some hours with her in her spot, in front of the house on the green lawn, with the autumn milk sky above and the sound of birdcalls. As my grooming brush burnished her luxuriant fur, it seemed to remove her pain […]